REMINDER: Honeywell is Shutting Down This Service Permanently on 8/31/21
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Attention: School Superintendents and Administrators

REMINDER: As previously communicated, the Honeywell Instant Alert for School service and platform will be shut down on 8/31/21.

If you have not yet determined a replacement, we encourage you to do so as this platform will no longer be available after 8/31/21. One option you have to replace Honeywell Instant Alert for Schools would be to consider transitioning your services to Intrado School Messenger for your mass communication needs. Fill out the form at to learn more about the School Messenger notification product and to get the ball rolling on scheduling a demo, initiating a new contract with Intrado and scheduling a change in services. The foregoing is not intended to be an endorsement by Honeywell of Intrado School Messenger but is provided for our customers' information as they consider how to replace Honeywell's service. If you have any questions about your existing contract or your transition please reach out to Sam Sandquist at Thank you.
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