Schedules change.  Buses run late.  Emergencies occur.

With Honeywell Instant Alert, schools can let parents know more quickly and conveniently.

No need to rely on the media, the grapevine or the faint hope that students will remember
there's an important flier in their backpack.  Instant Alert brings the news directly to parents
and they can decide how and where they receive messages.
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Attention: School Superintendents and Administrators

Improve Your School Indoor Air Quality Through Technology - Creating a safer learning environment starts with the air our students and teachers breathe. At Honeywell, we believe educators and students of all ages can achieve better results if they know their educational space is Safer, Sustainable and Smart. Our education specialists are ready to help you better understand how to leverage new federal funds to implement new technologies for improved air quality. Go to the following link to acquire more information on how we can help.
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